The Network

Redefining political marketing

Political Advertising Network is the premier ad network that specializes in representing political parties, candidates, independent expenditure committees, advocacy groups and organizations by introducing their respective positions, views and goals via exclusive channels specifically targeted towards the politically active public.

As the Internet grows exponentially, online audiences become increasingly fragmented; perpetually moving in a shifting environment. Within such a rapidly changing landscape, the static publishers’ lists and the limited targeting options of consumer-oriented ad networks are costly and ineffective for online political campaigning and issue advocacy. The Political Advertising Network addresses these problems with a game-changing algorithm that gives us the ability to find and capture the most relevant ad space, cross-platform and in real time, ensuring that your message displays in the most current and popular environments as they happen. This mechanism expands our extensive list of exclusive publishers catering to politically active visitors and provides access to the very core of the influential audience you seek.

Advertising channels

Political Advertising Network targets audiences through display, email and cell phone marketing. Along with providing access to the millions of voters categorized by profession, income, political affiliation and over 60 other data points, our groundbreaking proprietary targeting technology enables us to deliver your message to the right people, at the right time and place.