Reach, engage and influence

Imagine a message – so universal it connects to everyone you may want to reach yet, so flexible, it may be different for every member of that audience.
Vast. Adaptive. Powerful.

Now political and public affair advertisers can benefit from a unique opportunity to identify and micro-target online audiences engaging every voter with an individually tailored message. A unique blend of expertise available at Political Advertising Network allows us to excel at crafting extremely effective and cost-efficient online political campaigns while providing the best available online real estate and targeting techniques.

We specialize in providing services to:

Political Advertising Network assists advertisers in raising awareness of their stances on the key issues as well as general agendas, missions and goals. Campaigners can benefit from our proprietary state of the art targeting capabilities. For instance, you can target voters from a specific electoral district, aim at those who made searches for particular issues or visited an opponent’s website and reach out to them with persuasive messages based on their unique demographic, social, economic, housing, psychographic and behavioral characteristics. Naturally, an online presence accepting, processing and statistically analyzing financial contributions can be easily integrated.