Targeting as a Science

Our proprietary IP-resolution algorithm enables effective targeting via dynamic association of your message properties with viewer information. With over 300 millions online user profiles and more than a billion records in an ever-growing proprietary database, the Political Advertising Network offers access to a far reaching range of behavioral statistics. Which, in conjunction with marketing data from the leading research professionals, enables us to offer a truly remarkable tool for micro-targeting audience by geographic, demographic, social, economic, housing, psychographic and behavioral characteristics.

Same message — a thousand different ways

Combining our IP-resolution algorithm with proprietary Flexible Ads™ technology dramatically enhances engagement and response by generating variations of an advertised message specific to the geographic, demographic and other characteristics of the viewer. (Forget, for example, the time and cost of creating numerous banners to target each city or state individually). Texts and images change in ads dynamically, on-the-fly. This technology enables us to draw personalized messages that immediately capture the attention with familiar objects, on an otherwise crowded web pages.

Omnipresent message

With your audience surfing the web, moving from one favorite site to another, behavioral retargeting offers an excellent way to continue the conversation. Retargeting helps persuade voters by showing them an additional message points one by one.